NECOGURASHI – A Peaceful Time with the Black Cat Girl [English Version]




This is the English version of “NECOGURASHI – A Peaceful Time with the Black Cat Girl (RE291567)” and contains overlapping content.
This version features Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Part #3: Black Cat (CV: Rikako Aida)

Today’s ASMR:
Effective sounds aren’t merely audible — they’re a tactile experience as well.
That’s why we’ve used not only a KU100 binaural microphone, but an oscillating microphone, too.
This work was recorded with a mix of both in mind. Headphones may make the tactile side of things
easier to feel, but earphones offer their own uniqueness! Try out both for a different experience!

On the menu, we’ve got…
– Shiatsu ear massage (left and right ears)
– Titanium ear pick (left and right ears)
– Carbonated ASMR (left and right ears)
– Carbonated, bubbly cream ear massage (left and right ears)
– Black cat sighs

Over 2 hours of story-driven ASMR!

At an inn between this world and the next, beloved pets can be reborn as catgirls!
And the chosen one, (you!) can visit for some special, high-quality ASMR service!
It’s a dating game — no, a ritual — with lots of different catgirls!

*Unauthorized reuse and redistribution of all components is prohibited.

Character Introduction:
Black Cat (CV: Rikako Aida)

“That’s it, just relax… You’re in for a real soothing experience…”

A quiet catgirl who speaks in a familiar tone, as if to a friend.
Speaks in a masculine way, and is sensitive about her femininity.
She’s rather detached in a way that makes it hard to tell what she’s thinking,
but she cares deeply about her friends.

Series Synopsis:
This is a place, between our world and the next, where souls with lingering regrets dwell.
It’s called the Nekomeikan.
Many humans and inhumans come and go from this place…
and come and go… and come and go. Because they’re cats, you see.

Once every ten years, the Festival of Nine Souls is held — this is the source of the belief that cats
have nine lives. The objective is to clean the inn of all impurities,
and you are the chosen judge of the different girls. Their reward? A chance at a new life as a human…

Track List (Total playback: 02:29:53

1. Welcome to Nekomeikan – Black Cat
2. Ear cleaning with titanium ear picks (left ear)
3. Ear cleaning with titanium ear picks (right ear)
4. Chatting with Black Cat – On her lap
5. A fizzy ear massage with soda
6. Chatting with Black Cat – Gentle caressing
7. Falling asleep on her lap

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Black Cat (CV: Rikako Aida)
Illustration / Character Design: Buuta
Scenario: Aienkien
Production: CANDY VOICE




NECOGURASHI ~추억이 담긴 서비스~

【新春スピンオフ】ねこぐらし。〜猫鳴館の正月〜ミケ猫&チンチラ猫【CV: 上坂すみれ、伊藤かな恵】

【耳かき・炭酸シャンプー】ねこぐらし。2〜猫神様と年の瀬の湯〜【CV: 日髙のり子】

【耳かき】ねこぐらし。2〜アメショ猫娘と癒やしのひととき〜【CV: 沢城みゆき】

【中国語版】【耳かき・頭皮マッサージ・大自然】ねこぐらし。〜猫神様でございます〜【CV: 日髙のり子】

【中国語版】【耳かき・革手袋・梵天】ねこぐらし。~シャム猫娘と癒やしのだらけ~【CV: 茅野愛衣】

【耳かき・だらけ】ねこぐらし。2〜シャム猫娘のおもてなしだらけ〜【CV: 茅野愛衣】

【耳かき・温泉】ねこぐらし。2〜クロ猫少女とホロ酔い湯船〜【CV: 逢田梨香子】

【中国語版】【耳かき・爪切り・オイルマッサージ】ねこぐらし。〜ペルシャ猫少女としゃーわせナイト〜【CV: 津田美波】

【中国語版】【耳かき・散髪・炭酸シャンプー】ねこぐらし。〜ベンガル猫娘と追憶のおもてなし〜【CV: 高槻かなこ】